Do Multiverses exist?

Universe, is a rather overwhelming concept. We have always studied the Universe as everything there is. There is nothing outside the Universe or rather, there is no outside to the Universe. Universe is all there is and everything that exists is in this one particular Universe. And then, we study the origin of this universe, its history, its expanse and even its future, but what if there are other Universes? And we, being minuscule parts of one of those Universes cannot even think of existence of others? But, the Scientists have thought and thus, brainstormed a rather fantasy-like Multiverse theory.

The Name gives away everything in this case. The multiple Universes that co-exist with our own universe. Since 1930s there have been plenty of attempts in explaining why this is a possibility. One of the theories suggests that the Universe made up of particles, can only have a finite number of arrangements of those particles. Even though the number is very very huge, it is not infinite. And as the Mathematics gives, there can be 10^10^122 possible arrangements. So, after these many arrangements, there must be repetitions thus giving rise to similar other universes. There can certainly be other universes which differ an arrangement of just one particle or just two particles.This can explain the possibility of Multiverse existence.

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The Schrodinger’s Cat

If you follow the pop culture, you must have already heard this term at least once. For those who haven’t, Schrödinger’s cat isn’t about some pet Cat. It is a thought experiment performed (or rather, thought) by Erwin Schrödinger. The experiment later went on to become a popular term for many pop culture references, internet jokes, memes and even T-Shirts. But, what is this experiment really about? What was Erwin Schrödinger trying to prove by putting an innocent imaginary cat in a complicated situation of life and death? Let’s find out.


Before we move to the actual experiment, let’s first know why Schrodinger thought of the experiment in the first place. This has to do with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. What is it? Well, it basically says that according to Quantum Theory, all the matter exists in two forms particle and wave. Now, as for the bigger objects such as cats, the wave properties cannot be observed as their wavelengths are very negligible. But, for objects like atoms or electrons, the particle and wave duality can be observed and they do show properties of both waves and particles. The Copenhagen interpretation says that if every matter exhibits the dual nature then, any physical properties such as length, speed or even position of that object cannot be definitely determined as a wave does not have a single position but many positions along its wavelength. So, it stated that any particle exhibits in all states unless an Continue reading “The Schrodinger’s Cat”