Do Multiverses exist?

Universe, is a rather overwhelming concept. We have always studied the Universe as everything there is. There is nothing outside the Universe or rather, there is no outside to the Universe. Universe is all there is and everything that exists is in this one particular Universe. And then, we study the origin of this universe, its history, its expanse and even its future, but what if there are other Universes? And we, being minuscule parts of one of those Universes cannot even think of existence of others? But, the Scientists have thought and thus, brainstormed a rather fantasy-like Multiverse theory.

The Name gives away everything in this case. The multiple Universes that co-exist with our own universe. Since 1930s there have been plenty of attempts in explaining why this is a possibility. One of the theories suggests that the Universe made up of particles, can only have a finite number of arrangements of those particles. Even though the number is very very huge, it is not infinite. And as the Mathematics gives, there can be 10^10^122 possible arrangements. So, after these many arrangements, there must be repetitions thus giving rise to similar other universes. There can certainly be other universes which differ an arrangement of just one particle or just two particles.This can explain the possibility of Multiverse existence.

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The Big Bang Theory

It’s ironic how a TV show which was named after one of the most significant theories of Universe creation is actually more popular than the theory itself. Well, it must have to do something with a rather odd name for a scientific theory. The Name Big Bang also started a misconception that the Universe was created with a “Bang…!” which is not at all what this theory is all about.

The Big Bang theory doesn’t really tell about how the Universe was started, it is something we are yet to figure out. Yet, what it does is, it addresses almost every question after that, considering that at the start the Universe existed as a Singularity. So what is a Singularity? It is again a theoretical concept which says Singularity is a small body  with almost infinitely large mass and infinite density (Again, an assumption). These Singularities are mainly said to exist at the centers of black holes.

The Theory says that at the birth of the Universe there was a Singularity (Where it came from? We don’t know). The singularity was very small body with immense density and heat. The Heat as told by NASA could be up to 5.5 Billion degrees. At such high temperatures and pressures, the physical matter and the energy was all one and the Continue reading “The Big Bang Theory”

The Stars

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Let’s start the discussion with something that we know and see daily. We have studied from childhood that stars are the massive bodies in the universe that shine by themselves. We also know the closest star to us, The Sun. But, what is it that makes The Sun and other stars like it shine so brightly for almost forever?

Firstly, let’s address the fact that there are many types of stars. The Sun, is a Main sequence Star. Some stars are bigger than sun viz, Giants and Super Giants. Some stars are smaller than The Sun viz, White dwarfs. Basically, at the time of birth stars are a huge mass of gas. In general, all the stars are made up of two thirds of Hydrogen and one thirds of Helium. These gases form a cloud which collapses when the pressure and temperature are high enough to start a Nuclear Fusion reaction. Thus a Star is born.


The Nuclear Fusion fuses two Hydrogen atoms to a Helium atom generating a massive amount of energy at very high temperatures almost to millions of degrees. This process is continued for the most of the lifespan of the star and these stars are called the Main sequence stars. You might be thinking that fusing two Hydrogen to helium is the cause of the light and the heat of The Sun but, the Hydrogen deposits will be extinct some time or later. Yes. You are right. The Fusion reactions on The sun Gallop Hydrogen at the rate of almost 4 Million Kg per second. But, the mass of The Sun is so huge that even at this rate it will still take Billions of years for the Hydrogen deposits to become extinct. Continue reading “The Stars”